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[rdma-next] RDMA/mlx5: Don't add slave port to unaffiliated list

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Leon Romanovsky May 31, 2021, 4:04 p.m. UTC
From: Leon Romanovsky <leonro@nvidia.com>

The mlx5_ib_bind_slave_port() doesn't remove multiport device from the
unaffiliated list, but mlx5_ib_unbind_slave_port() did it. This unbalanced
flow caused to the situation where mlx5_ib_unaffiliated_port_list was changed
during iteration.

Fixes: 32f69e4be269 ("{net, IB}/mlx5: Manage port association for multiport RoCE")
Reported-by: Dan Carpenter <dan.carpenter@oracle.com>
Signed-off-by: Leon Romanovsky <leonro@nvidia.com>
 drivers/infiniband/hw/mlx5/main.c | 4 ++--
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)
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diff --git a/drivers/infiniband/hw/mlx5/main.c b/drivers/infiniband/hw/mlx5/main.c
index 9357ed28813c..e541a9f5f163 100644
--- a/drivers/infiniband/hw/mlx5/main.c
+++ b/drivers/infiniband/hw/mlx5/main.c
@@ -3192,8 +3192,6 @@  static void mlx5_ib_unbind_slave_port(struct mlx5_ib_dev *ibdev,
 	port->mp.mpi = NULL;
-	list_add_tail(&mpi->list, &mlx5_ib_unaffiliated_port_list);
 	err = mlx5_nic_vport_unaffiliate_multiport(mpi->mdev);
@@ -3342,6 +3340,8 @@  static void mlx5_ib_cleanup_multiport_master(struct mlx5_ib_dev *dev)
 				mlx5_ib_dbg(dev, "unbinding port_num: %u\n",
 					    i + 1);
 				mlx5_ib_unbind_slave_port(dev, dev->port[i].mp.mpi);
+				list_add_tail(&dev->port[i].mp.mpi->list,
+					      &mlx5_ib_unaffiliated_port_list);